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 Agro Consulting 


 Mining Consulting 

Marrying agriculture & mining

Agriculture is one of the backbone industries in most countries. Food security, land resource management, soil fertility, water conservation, climate change, and the environment continue to be an ever-growing concern for our world with dramatic effects on the industry. Mining is an industry that draws small and large miners from around the world to countries rich with precious metals. Mining has had a black eye for its deadly impact on the environment for decades if not centuries. The pursuit of these precious metals will continue for years to come and the desire of miners to migrate to those countries rich in these resources will grow which leads to the continued destruction of the lands.

Why combine agriculture and mining?

With lands across many countries stripped and left as useless waste sites we have created a unique approach using our vast experience in agriculture and mining to rehabilitate these unproductive areas. Safe and environmentally friendly mining practices will allow the lands to be returned to a profitable agricultural farm or plantation. This brings necessary food security to nations in need of local food resources.

Our team goal

Most companies have a vision and a story to tell. We have our story to tell too. It is our goal and ambition to teach responsible mining practices, clean up abandoned sites, and implement value-added farms or plantations in these areas. Teaching people along the way how imperatively important it is to take care of our lands for future generations. We leave our positive mark on the lands for all generations to come! 

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