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AHI is able to bring to the table a wide range of expertise, including Geophysical and Geological assessments, to help our clients build a stronger footing in all aspects of mining worldwide. We are able to supply full Data and help build Mining Modules to suit different types of ore bodies and locations globally.


With AHI  technical expertise in these fields, we are strongly supported by companies globally in equipment, consumables, supplies, and monitoring equipment to help aid a fast understanding of all of our clients' needs.


This field of expertise AHI covers all areas from Artisanal Small Scale Mining to Large-Scale Mining. Not only in the first stages of development, but right through the construction and support stages across all fields of operation.


AHI has a strong core team of Geologists, supported by Mining Engineers, and with a fresh field of junior accredited staff from the same fields. AHI has on our team a senior Geophysicist, with extensive knowledge in Geophysical data collecting and building of modules to suit all applications in the Mining and Drilling field.


  • Building and implementing Mining Modules

  • Quotations and building all mining equipment

  • Assessments for exploration equipment

  • Environmental practices

  • Field Assays, XRF studies

  • Geological studies

  • Ground and air EM scanning

  • Implementing and enabling all risk management procedures

  • Implementing and setup SOP schedules

  • Lidar scanning of topography

  • OH&SE training modules

  • PGM processing and refining

  • Safe mining practices

  • Setup of container field Assay Labs

  • Source drilling equipment

  • Technical support across all applications

  • Environmental training for miners

  • CIP process and Elution process and equipment

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