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A project was initialized in May 2017 in the Philippines, looking at a future small-scale recovery of PGMs in the Mindanao region of the Philippines. Since this island is situated on the edge of the Pacific Rim, all possibilities for rare minerals have great potential. Much R&D has been done to establish certain area’s that prove up multiple elements to suit further investigation. This was led by Dallas Sheppard, in conjunction with a Singapore company investing in this possible project.


By Mid December 2017, it was decided to move forward on setting up a small recovery plant in central Mindanao, to further assess waste areas from gold production. The grades from the assay proved the need for further development. The growth potential for PGMs indicated that further investment needed to be raised. In January 2018, this was accomplished and equipment was purchased from a South African firm. And a process was started to set up a Refinery in Singapore.


As of this time in July 2018 further building and plant are being developed, as three containers have been sent to Singapore ready for the refinery to be completed. The elements that are or will be extracted would be PT, PD, IR, AU, RH, CO, being in total a wide array of minerals, holding great potential. Dallas Sheppard held the position as Country Manager from June 2017 to August 2018. Being the main person behind the driving mechanism for this project.


As of now, there are vast amounts of processed ore from gold processing that could hold huge amounts of minerals for further processing the Government in the Philippines will need to be an addition to this project, as work within the country is difficult at any time.

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