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A drilling program was conducted at Argyle to establish further reserves of Diamond or Positives in a Kimberlite intrusion. The drill program was performed under strict scrutiny from the mining company, with guidance from their geologists and management.


The Drill Company Kimberly Waters used a KL rig, a designed capacity of 50 tonnes pull back. This was needed as a 36-inch cutting head was applied. Using flooded circulation to allow all cuttings to be pushed to the surface, and run over shaker tables. All completed material was collected into bulk bags for further review.   


The muds were weighted to suit the flooded circulation to enable materials to flow smoothly. A series of 6 holes were drilled to complete the contract. This process is a unique drilling system, the drill head was manufactured solely for this project.


As was reported back from the mining company, this program was a huge success and allowed a further two mining modules to be implemented, with substantial reserves indicated.


All drill crew was put through strict security and safety protocols for this site. There were zero lost time days and no injuries during the work period.

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